The National Wolfwatcher Coalition has no membership dues and we do not send out mailers asking for money. We don't send "free" labels or any other items you didn't request then beg for money. We exist because of the hundreds of hours donated by our volunteers, your generous donations and through the profits raised through the sale of merchandise.

Are You A WolfWatcher?

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The National Wolfwatcher Coalition  is made up of an all volunteer group of  dedicated wolf advocates that strive to maintain a sustainable wolf population throughout all of the nationally wolf populated regions.  Please follow us on facebook


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On this page you can keep informed of all the breaking news and education as it happens. As a national organization that concentrates our efforts entirely on wolf conservation and education, this is where you will be best informed. We have advisers on the ground across the country and are always looking for more active supporters.  Please contact us at  if you would like to become more involved for “watching out for wolves” as they are faced with a myriad of new issues every day.  We are committed to advocating in the best interest of maintaining a sustainable wolf population based on best peer reviewed science.

As a “Wolfwatcher” we also enjoy traveling to different regions and also back to the roots of wolf reintroduction: Yellowstone National Park.  Yellowstone provides  the best wolf watching in the entire world and a chance to learn more about wolves in this great outdoors classroom.  We also support the many educational opportunities that Yellowstone provides.

So are you a Wolfwatcher?  We hope that you will join us in providing a voice for wolves, and also join us in regions across the country for wolf watching.  We proudly support eco-tourism across the country.


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