Advocating for Wolves – Report Sent to Congress

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Report – Congress Against HR 843 and 884. (PDF)

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3 Responses to Advocating for Wolves – Report Sent to Congress

  1. Renato G. says:

    I am VERY thankful & grateful having an organization like Wolf Watcher working hard under tireless efforts on behalf of our Wolves & Wild , as well …

    Sincerely .


  2. Nancy Warren, Director says:

    Thank you!

  3. Katherine C McKee says:

    Please help save the Red Wolves.The world’s only wild population of Red wolves are in North Carolina at the Pocosin Nature Refuge.There are less than 100 still living and I want to save them from any harm.I want my grandchildren to know these magnificent creatures of God.I am hoping that Wolf Watchers will help save these beauties from harm….

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