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  1. dg says:

    I love wolves and would do anything for them

  2. Makena says:

    Save the wolves! Don’t kill these poor innocent animals, protect them!

  3. Alex says:

    HI. I am a huge fan of Wolf Watcher. I am so glad that there is such a thing, and that now with your help, so many wolves will be saved. My friends and I are raising money for you, and we almost have 100 dollars now. I have told all my friends, (all the grade 4/5/6 classes) about you, and we all want to support you.

  4. Joe says:

    GPS operates on certain frequencies which are being used by the hunters.

  5. For someone who loves wolves I can only say how saddened I am to see both Canada & USA hunting wolves so viciously and callously!! They are claiming that wolves are stealing chickens & hens from farmers…but this is a fallacy!! MOST wolves are allergic to chicken….this is why it is so hard to find a good shelf brand food to feed hybrids etc!
    I want to thank Wolf watchers & “Wolf Spirit” for being on facebook educating those who only know about wolves what the news and movies tell them…and most of that is all mis-information! We need to expose all the facts to try and eliminate “witch hunts” held on innocent wolves and their broods! Our governments are acting irresponsibly and wasting our money killing wolves to satisfy hunters and farmers..who know nothing about fact and everything about false hype. Please encourage congress to change laws before its too late…just look at England if you want to see how devistating it is to have no big animals left!

  6. Donald F Krause says:

    I’m a volunteer at Brookfield Zoo and spend much of my time talking with guests about our eight Mexican Wolves. I plan to share some pics of them very soon

  7. K.P.Inorowicz, Bristol UK says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a pleasure yesterday to watch new BBC series “Land of the Lost wolves” and must admit that from the European perspective those vicious ranchers in Washington, Idaho and Montana who postulate to exterminate the whole wolf population are of no better than Hitler himself. I sincerely hope therefore that the work of organizations like Wolfwatcher will halt this process of senseless killings of innocent animals. Please keep it up. Thank you.


  8. Lesly Nixon says:

    Great informative & thorough website. I’m looking forward to using your site to help me stay notified of what is going on with wolves every where. Thanks!

  9. Debra Rincon Lopez says:

    I am so happy to see that you are making people aware of many problems facing the wolves in the world today? Not too many people care for animals, they just want to either kill them, or visit them in a zoo. I for one am Native American & we were raised to respect them all as our Brothers & Sisters. We were actually supposed to ask them if we could kill them before we killed them for cosumption. (Deer&ELK) Not WOLF, I hope you continue to do this work I will support your page, Issues, & Petitions anytime. THANKS I hope we can be friends for a longtime to come.

  10. I have been actively looking for ways to hold Carnahan & Neeson accountable. Thought you might find the following email I received yesterday afternoon. I believe there are legal grounds for halting the further release of this movie.

    Patrick Doyle

    Dear Mr. Doyle,

    American Humane Association monitored the live animal action during the filming of The Grey. Our Certified Animal Safety Representative™ on the set of the movie ensured the humane treatment of all of the animals used in this film. The movie does not however carry the American Humane Association “No Animals Were Harmed”® end-credit certification. Our process in awarding the end-credit includes a screening of the locked motion picture, which we were not given. Productions must be screened to determine cohesiveness with all of our on-set documentation.

    American Humane Association Film & TV Unit has strict guidelines that must be followed by all productions in order to earn the “No Animals Were Harmed”® certification. These guidelines include the necessity for any production to provide accurate, legal receipts for any taxidermy animal props used. At no time did American Humane Association witness the use of taxidermy wolves or wolf carcasses during filming, nor did we receive any such receipts for this type of prop. We can verify that extensive sophisticated animatronics were used consistently during the filming of The Grey.

    Online allegations regarding the consumption of wolf meat by cast members of The Grey, have not been verified and sources within the production and distribution entities have not returned our phone calls of inquiry. American Humane Association does not permit the trapping and/or killing of any animals for use in filmed entertainment.

    Jone Bouman

    Jone Bouman – Communications
    American Humane Association’s Film & TV Unit
    11530 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604

    p: 818.501.0123 X 1024 | e: [email protected]

  11. Homer says:

    Hi, I’m a supporter of wolf reintroduction/protection in the Northeast (New York, New England). I’ve been searching the internet for some kind of news bulletin or blog that monitors wolves in this region. By that I mean there must be a site where people can post “sightings” and news about their status. Could someone please get back to me about this?

  12. Tena says:

    It’s been gut wrenching to watch from afar the second wolf masacre taking place in the northern Rockies. What makes the news are the blood-lust neanderthals and it seems all is lost. But then discovered your organization of brave people willing to take a stand right in the midst of all the insanity. Wanted to let you know that we’re cheering you on here in so. California. And sending a donation. Keep up the good fight!

  13. Jonathan Thurston says:

    As a college student, I thank you very much for this amazing website. I have been trying to demystify the wolf in the eyes of my classmates, and with your site, that goal is made easier. Thank you so much!

  14. Jimmy Klein says:

    Keep up the great work Dave and Marc! I wish I lived closer to help.

  15. Leticia Rae says:

    One lifts their paw up to muzzle and gives a long wild howl. The
    Call of the Wild is in all of us, and I join you in this rally…

    wolf death pursuers surround me at work, but I keep howling (literally) and it results in them joining me. The surprise of that guttural call filling their lungs with air, rising and liberated from their thick bellies is seen on their faces as they try to hide this natural innate satisfaction with an embarrassing smile.

    One day, all of us will realize how we are one with Earth and all of its creatures. Perhaps, it is how we will see every living thing with Respect and let go of the Fear and Hate that we inject into our human blood stream every day.

  16. Peter Nelson says:

    This is a great website. Thank you and I hope we can get as many people as possible to learn about wolves and end the hate.

  17. Sage says:

    How do I subscribe to newsletters, email alerts, etc… for your website? Nice Site, thank you!

  18. tobin n max n bud says:


  19. Mark J. Dinkel says:

    A great website, Dave, and much improved over the previous version.

  20. I just wanted to let you know I love your web page. My family and I have always loved wolves and have been going to Yellowstone since 1999 to watch the wolves. I hope we can all somehow help save the wolves!!!

  21. Debby Welsh says:

    I am very thankful for people like you, Dave! Keep up the great work!!!

  22. Joli Bland says:

    The wolf has been out of Ohio since 1874 and is now returning, but people are shooting them without any reason and they are considered endangered in only parts of Ohio..doesn’t make since..

  23. Karen Wallo says:

    Wonderful website, Dave! Thank you for being a fellow lover/activist for wolves!! Would love to be Facebook friends with you and have you join my Save all Wolves, Now group..It would be an honor to have you! We have sooo much work to do w/ the insanity going on in the Northern Rockies and Congress..Together I pray we can keep the wolves protected like they should be. I rescued a wolf hybrid (90% Timber/10% Malamute) almost 2 years ago, he is the love of my life!

  24. Dick Baker says:

    Happened upon your site when i was looking for images of a couple of wolves we had seen in Yellowstone,,,, guess we happend upon (by luck) the four (two adult/2 young) wolves feeding on the animal carcass you describe on Monday June 7th, 2010. They were almost on the road and we could hear the female chewing. The male stayed off a ways up the hill and the two young ones ran back and forth. It was 8:30pm or so after a hard rain had stopped and we spent three or four minutes photographing them. Here is the email from Kevin at the Yellowstone Institute regarding the photos ” Great shots! Yes, those are both wolves. The grey wolf is the
    one we call the O six female, and is uncollared. She was born in 2006
    and the reason she was comfortable being closer to you than her mate
    the black male is because she was born into the Druid Peak pack. They
    were very comfortable with visitors and often came close. The Druids
    were partially killed off by the pack that the black wolf came from.

    The black wolf, who is collared and #755. His brother is also
    collared and looks nearly like him–#754. The brother is the beta
    male. Both black males are very scared of humans. The male you have
    in the picture is the alpha male and the 06 female is the alpha
    female. They had 4 grey pups who survived the summer. We watched all
    7 today and for the past 3 days. They have been on an elk kill they
    made 3 days ago.
    Hope that helps,
    Will send you the photos if you wish,,,
    dick baker

  25. Michelle Higgins says:

    Hi Dave, I wanted to let you know you have the entire 6th grade looking at your website…Michael is a big fan and many of his friends love it! One of his teachers has seen it and thinks it is a great educational tool as well. Keep up the great work!! Take care, Michelle

  26. Paul says:

    Nice Site!
    However I am curious why in the introduction to wolves, the Eastern Wolf is not mentioned? It is an extremely close relative if not the same species as the red wolf but is still currently considered distinct and should not be ignored because they may not be found or at least called eastern wolves when found in the US.
    They are a threatened species and need help!

  27. last week our class held a similar talk about this subject and you point out something we have not covered yet, thanks.

    - Lora

  28. Sandy Snider says:

    Dave, you have a great website. Thanks for helping protect the wolves and educating those who know little of the ‘real wolf’.

  29. George Chase says:

    Nice site love it.I to love the wolf. I work with wolf hybrids please keep the good work up

  30. Mark J. Dinkel says:

    Great new website, Dave! Thanks for your extensive reporting on the Helena EQC meeting this week. Thank you for your work on our fight for the wolves.


  31. Marc Cooke says:

    Dave, Thanks for all you are trying to accomplish with helping the wolves in Montana and other areas. Cant tell you how much your friendship means to me and others in Montana. Marc

  32. Thank you for helping to protect the Wolves and educate the public. Great site : )

  33. Hey, a new website?
    Looks great. A lot more modern design than the other one..

  34. Diane Bentivegna says:

    Great job, Dave. I look forward to learning and sharing what I learn with others on behalf of wolf conservation! Thank you.

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