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Dan Stahler

Dan Stahler has studied wolves since 1996. He is now researching wolf social dynamics for his doctorate, using genetics and behavior data to look at individual wolves and their contributions to population recovery. He is the project biologist for the Yellowstone Gray Wolf Restoration Project, where he helps coordinate and direct research on wolves, their prey, and scavenger communities.

Excerpt from Decade of the Wolf, by Doug Smith:

…”Dano” Dan Stahler, who’d cut his teeth in the wolf world by trapping in Minnesota with Mike Nelson and Dave Mech. Dan first came to Yellowstone to help out with wolf den research, going on to perform superbly on various winter studies. He gained his Master’s degree with us through the University of Vermont, working with world-renowned raven researcher  Bernd Heinrich examining the relationships between wolves and ravens. Dan’s still with us, spearheading our scavenger research, not to mention some fairly complicated tasks associated with GPS collars.

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