Advocating for Wolves – Report Sent to Congress

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Report – Congress Against HR 843 and 884. (PDF)

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4 Responses to Advocating for Wolves – Report Sent to Congress

  1. Renato G. says:

    I am VERY thankful & grateful having an organization like Wolf Watcher working hard under tireless efforts on behalf of our Wolves & Wild , as well …

    Sincerely .


  2. Nancy Warren, Director says:

    Thank you!

  3. Katherine C McKee says:

    Please help save the Red Wolves.The world’s only wild population of Red wolves are in North Carolina at the Pocosin Nature Refuge.There are less than 100 still living and I want to save them from any harm.I want my grandchildren to know these magnificent creatures of God.I am hoping that Wolf Watchers will help save these beauties from harm….

  4. Connie Kirkham says:

    Please don’t hunt these beautiful wolves. They are endangered and need to be protected not hunted!

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