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The far-reaching effects of genetic process in a keystone predator species, grey wolves

Although detrimental genetic processes are known to adversely affect the viability of populations, little is known about how detrimental genetic processes in a keystone species can affect the functioning of ecosystems. Here, we assessed how changes in the genetic characteristics … read more

Human‐caused wolf mortality persists for years after discontinuation of hunting

By the mid-twentieth century, wolves were nearly extinct in the lower 48 states, with a small number surviving in northern Minnesota. After wolves were placed on the endangered species list in 1973, the northern Minnesota wolf population increased and stabilized … read more

The Fur-Bearers Wolf Survey – 2023

Seven-in-ten Canadians (70%) describe their overall attitude towards wolves as “very positive” (29%) or “moderately positive” (41%)  

War on Wolves

Please contact your Federal legislators, both in the House and Senate and ask they oppose all of these poison pill riders – Demand a “clean” Appropriations Bill.

Video observations of wolves hunting ungulates on linear features

Anthropogenic linear features allow wolves to travel faster and more efficiently, which is thought to increase wolf hunting efficiency of ungulates. Most previous studies have evaluated the role of linear features in wolf-ungulate dynamics by relying on indirect observations (e.g., … read more

The ethology of wolves foraging on freshwater fish in a boreal ecosystem

Through global positioning system (GPS) collar locations, remote cameras, field observations and the first wild wolf to be GPScollared with a camera collar, we describe when, where and how wolves fish in a freshwater ecosystem. From 2017 to 2021, we … read more

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