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National Wolfwatcher Coalition Announces 2023 Wolf Education Mini-Grants Available

We are proud to announce that we will again be awarding mini-grants for wolf education and includes the promotion of non-lethal measures to minimize wolf conflicts.    Due date for submission is December 31, 2023, and will be awarded in the amount … read more

Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem Wolf Pack and Population Size Report

During 2021-2022, we estimated the area of 9 wolf pack home ranges/territories and estimated the size of 14 wolf packs based on an average of 7.3 independent observations of each pack at the estimated size (i.e., the number of wolves … read more

USDA APHIS Wildlife Services Nonlethal Initiative for Livestock Protection

In FY2021, Wildlife Services (WS) received $1.38M from Congress for the second year in a row to expand the use of nonlethal methods to protect livestock from large carnivore depredation and to research efficacy and development of new nonlethal approaches. … read more

Return of the Wolves: Lessons from the Wilderness

Saint Paul-based National Parks of Lake Superior Foundation (the Foundation) has released a new documentary film, “Return of the Wolves: Lessons from the Wilderness,” and corresponding educational lesson plans for classrooms, distance learners, and homeschooled students. To learn more about … read more

Become A WCC Junior Wolf Biologist | Wolf Conservation Center

Love wolves? Become a certified Wolf Conservation Center Junior Wolf Biologist! Children are encouraged to build upon their knowledge of wolves by completing the digital “Junior Wolf Biologist Training Guide” and sending it to the Wolf Conservation Center wolf experts … read more

Wolf Conservation Planning and Resource Bank Documents Created

Photo by Tristan Alder The National Wolfwatcher Coalition is proud to be one of five conservation groups that crafted The Wolf Conservation Planning and Resource Bank documents. The other groups included, Endangered Species Coalition, Humane Society of the United States, … read more

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