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Tribes, ranchers may suffer if Otter holds to threat of wolf management

…”the state will no longer participate as a designated agent for monitoring, providing law enforcement support or investigating wolf deaths in Idaho,” Otter said … read more

Jerry Black threatens to sue FWP over wolf-ruling coalition

Jerry Black, a retired airline pilot and activist from Missoula, sent a letter this week to Maurier requesting that FWP “disband the coalition and cease any further collaboration.” read more

Guest column: As grizzlies and elk adapt to change, so must hunters

Wolves are smart. They would never annihilate their primary food source. read more


Yellowstone…..Winter’s Wolf Land February in Yellowstone. The snow was not as deep this year, which changed things a bit, but the cold was as brutal as ever. You simply have to be prepared for the temps to hit 20 below, … read more


LAMAR CANYON PACK Today, June 2, 2010, the 755 group which includes my favorite wolf, 06…the beautiful gray wolf and descendant of the Druid Peak Pack wolf #21, was officially declared the Lamar Canyon Pack. Normally I would sit back … read more


YELLOWSTONE  JUNE 2010 June finally arrived and I am  very anxious for this trip. I have been reading Laurie Lyman’s posts on Yellowstone Reports (which I also contribute to). Laurie follows wolf activity in Yellowstone including two very active packs, … read more

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