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Planned cull endangers Swedish wolf population

In May, the Swedish Parliament announced a goal to reduce the Swedish wolf population from about 400 to about 200 individuals. This action further threatens this highly endangered population, which is genetically isolated and inbred. Scientific advice for improvements has … read more

2022 Michigan Wolf Plan

This plan provides strategic guidance for the management of wolves in Michigan. It was developed to help: 1) maintain a viable Michigan wolf population above a level that would warrant its classification as threatened or endangered; 2) facilitate wolf-related benefits; … read more

2022 Minnesota Wolf Plan

Minnesota’s wolf legacy is unique: The state’s northeastern corner of lakes and forest once sheltered the last remaining wild wolves in the lower 48 states. Today, wolves are distributed across half of the state in numbers (2,700) well above Endangered … read more

Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem Wolf Pack and Population Size Report

During 2021-2022, we estimated the area of 9 wolf pack home ranges/territories and estimated the size of 14 wolf packs based on an average of 7.3 independent observations of each pack at the estimated size (i.e., the number of wolves … read more

Isle Royale 2022 Wolf Moose Report

Over the past year, fieldwork resumed at pre-pandemic levels. In February 2022, the wolf population was likely comprised of 28 wolves. This is an increase from the next most recent estimate of 12-14 wolves, made 24 months earlier in March … read more

Reviving Ghost Alleles: Genetically admixed coyotes along the American Gulf Coast are critical for saving the endangered red wolf

The last known red wolves were captured in southwestern Louisiana and eastern Texas in 1980 to establish a captive breeding population. Before their extirpation, gene flow with coyotes resulted in the persistence of endangered red wolf genetic variation in local … read more

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