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Isle Royale’s Old Gray Guy: How One Wolf Impacted an Entire Ecosystem

The male wolf’s arrival via ice bridge in 1997 changed everything. On the heels of co-authoring a study in Science Advances, Isle Royale wolf-moose study co-leader Sarah Hoy explains how he triggered a series of knock-on events that impacted the … read more

Wolf Status in Michigan October 2023

Wolves have been part of the Great Lakes fauna since the melting of the last glacier and as such are native to the land area known as Michigan. Stebler (1951) indicated that pioneer documents and museum specimens show wolves were … read more

Michigan Wolf Facts October 2023

In 2016, legislators ignored scientific evidence and the will of Michigan voters to pass a law authorizing a trophy hunting and commercial trapping season on our state’s wolves, if their federal protections are removed. Just because we can kill wolves … read more

2022-2023 Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem Wolf Pack and Population Size Report

During April 2022-April 2023, we estimated the area of 8 wolf pack home ranges/territories and estimated the size of 20 wolf packs based on an average of 11.7 independent observations of each pack at the estimated size (i.e., the number … read more

2022 Michigan Wolf Plan

This plan provides strategic guidance for the management of wolves in Michigan. It was developed to help: 1) maintain a viable Michigan wolf population above a level that would warrant its classification as threatened or endangered; 2) facilitate wolf-related benefits; … read more

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