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Building a Resilient Coexistence with Wildlife in a More Crowded World

There is an urgent need to sustainably coexist with wildlife. However, realizing this goal is hampered by scant understanding of the processes that facilitate and maintain coexistence. Here, we synthesize human-wildlife interactions into eight archetypal outcomes, from eradication to sustained co-benefits, which collectively serve … read more

Coexistence Praxis: The Role of Resource Managers in Wolf-Livestock Interactions on Federal Lands

In resource management, new terms are frequently introduced, reflecting ongoing evolution in the theory and practice of ecology and governance. Yet understandings of what new concepts mean, for whom, and what they imply for management on the ground can vary … read more

Killing for the common good? The (bio)politics of wolf management in Washington State

Washington State has been rocked by conflict over wolves, whose return to rural landscapes after their extirpation a century ago has brought them into new, often violent relations with human society. I interpret this emblematic instance of human–wildlife conflict as … read more

Extinguishing a Learned Response in a Free-ranging Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)

A free-ranging Gray Wolf (Canis lupus), habituated to human presence (the author) on Ellesmere Island, Canada, learned to anticipate experimental feeding by a human, became impatient, persistent, and bold and exhibited stalking behaviour toward the food source. Only after the … read more

Hunting dogs are at biggest risk to get attacked by wolves near wolves’ territory boundaries

Wolves’ attacks on hunting dogs are a major conflict between wolves and hunters in Northern Europe. The reasons affecting the risk of wolves’ (Canis lupus) attacks on hunting dogs are poorly known. We examined whether the number of wolves in … read more

Modelling concerns confound evaluations of legal wolf-killing

Letter to the editor at Liberg et al. (2020)’s interesting article on the effect of legal killing on poaching and disappearance of wolves continued the seminal work of Liberg et al. (2012). However, our eyes were caught by unusual … read more

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