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Study finds Montanans are increasingly OK with wolves -Three-quarters of surveyed residents now self-describe as tolerant, up from half in 2017

Following the 2022-23 wolf hunting and trapping seasons, FWP partnered with the University of Montana to conduct surveys of resident Montanans to assess their views regarding wolves and the management of wolves in Montana. This research builds upon similar research … read more

The Fur-Bearers Wolf Survey – 2023

Seven-in-ten Canadians (70%) describe their overall attitude towards wolves as “very positive” (29%) or “moderately positive” (41%)  

A new era of wolf management demands better data and a more inclusive process

Hunting and trapping of gray wolves (Canis lupus) has increased dramatically in the “lower 48” states of the United States. We assess the data used to justify the intense hunting pressure on wolves, and find an absence of accessible biological … read more

Wolf attacks predict far-right voting

Does the return of large carnivores affect voting behavior? We study this question through the lens of wolf attacks on livestock. Sustained environmental conservation has allowed the wolf (Canis lupus) to make an impressive and unforeseen comeback across Central Europe … read more

The gray wolf as a symbol or a subject of science

Wolves have always slipped easily into the part of the human brain that processes symbols and metaphors. In the Inferno from his Divine Comedy, Dante (~1265–1321) used wolves to represent greed and fraud. In the Middle Ages Europeans called famine, … read more

Rapid changes in public perception toward a conservation initiative

Rapid, widespread changes in public perceptions and behaviors have the potential to influence conservation outcomes. However, few studies have documented whether and how such shifts occur throughout the span of a conservation initiative. We examined the 2020 ballot initiative to … read more

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