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Livestock Protection Dogs in the 21st Century: Is an Ancient Tool Relevant to Modern Conservation Challenges?

Europe and North America share a similar history in the extirpation and subsequent recovery of large carnivore and ungulate species. Both continents face challenges and opportunities for managing human-wildlife conflict at the junction of livestock production and wildlife conservation. Predation … read more

Utility of Livestock-Protection Dogs for Deterring Wildlife from Cattle Farms

Context. Livestock producers worldwide are negatively affected by livestock losses because of predators and wildlifetransmitted diseases. In the western Great Lakes Region of the United States, this conflict has increased as grey wolf (Canis lupus) populations have recovered and white-tailed … read more

Testing Fladry as a Nonlethal Management Tool for Wolves and Coyotes in Michigan

Several forms of nonlethal management exist, but field testing is problematic, and few such techniques have been tested on free-ranging wolves (Canis lupus) or other predators. We tested fladry in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan during the summers of … read more

Conditioned Taste Aversion: A behavioral Solution to the Behavioral Aspects of Predator-Prey Conflicts

The Problem from a behavioral perspective: Recently released endangered predators are being killed because they are attracted to scent and other cues of aggregated domestic livestock. Conditioned Taste Aversion (CTA) is a powerful and lasting form of learning that converts … read more

Conditioned Taste Aversion

Since 1972 our research group has been working to develop a practical method for altering the predatory behavior of coyotes that spares both the coyote and the lamb. Our work has been guided by a working model of predatory behavior … read more

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