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Interspecific Killing of Vulpes vulpes (Red Fox) Kits at a Den Site by Canis lupus (Gray Wolf) in Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

Canis lupus (Gray Wolf or Wolf) have killed subordinate canids that scavenge on Wolfkilled prey, but little evidence is available for antagonistic behavior of Wolves toward other canids at interspecific den sites. We investigated clusters of locations from a global … read more

Indigenous-led conservation: Pathways to recovery for the nearly extirpated Klinse-Za mountain caribou

Indigenous Peoples around the northern hemisphere have long relied on caribou for subsistence and for ceremonial and community purposes. Unfortunately, despite recovery efforts by federal and provincial agencies, caribou are currently in decline in many areas across Canada. In response … read more

Habitat loss accelerates for the endangered woodland caribou in western Canada

Habitat loss is often the ultimate cause of species endangerment and is also a leading factor inhibiting species recovery. For this reason, species-at-risk legislation, policies and plans typically focus on habitat conservation and restoration as mechanisms for recovery. To assess … read more

Efficacy and ethics of intensive predator management to save endangered caribou

Lethal population control has a history of application to wildlife management and conservation. There is debate about the efficacy of the practice, but more controversial is the ethical justification and methods of killing one species in favor of another. This … read more

Winter survival and cause-specific mortality of white-tailed deer in northern Minnesota: An update

Ongoing studies that examine the influences of environmental, intrinsic, and demographic factors on survival and cause-specific mortality rates of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) have been critical to enhancing our understanding of population performance and to improving management. A recent evaluation … read more

Of wolves and bears: Seasonal drivers of interference and exploitation competition between apex predators

Competition between apex predators can alter the strength of top-down forcing, yet we know little about the behavioral mechanisms that drive competition in multipredator ecosystems. Interactions between predators can be synergistic (facilitative) or antagonistic (inhibitive), both of which are widespread … read more

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