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Take Action

War on Wolves

Please contact your Federal legislators, both in the House and Senate and ask they oppose all of these poison pill riders – Demand a “clean” Appropriations Bill.

How can you help protect wolves in Idaho?

Stay informed about Idaho’s wolves. Identify your go-to resources for quick and easy access to reliable information about the current threats facing wolves. Sign up for newsletters and follow the social media pages of sources you’ve come to trust. … read more

Red Wolf Activism

Red Wolves: History, Recovery Challenges, and Next Steps The red wolf (Canis rufus) is a critically endangered wolf species found only in North America. Native to the southeastern United States, red wolves were rescued from the brink of extinction and … read more

Wyoming Wildlife Advocates
Mexican Wolf Messaging Recommendations

Framing Public opinion research offers insights into the best way to frame debates over wolf recovery. The polling suggests that framing the issue as a choice between wolves/environmentalists and ranchers/livestock production is likely to result in a negative public reaction. … read more

Citizen Lobbying

Do’s and Don’t’s of Citizen Lobbying Personal Visits Do: Make an appointment Dress neatly Introduce yourself Stick to the subject at hand If you don’t know something, say so Be honest Know something about the official Be cordial to the … read more

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