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Gary Allan, well known for his huge contributions in the Canadian Wolf Coalition is on the road making a huge impact protecting wolves of Canada.
Gary brings his wolf Tundra to schools across the region and dispels the many false myths connected to wolves throughout the years.  This is such an important program and without a doubt Tundra is the star performer.

The education of wolves in Gary’s presentation is invaluable to all wolves of the wild, as well as the next generations that are learning about them first hand.  The message is quite clear and convincing and Gary and Tundra tell the students just why wolves are so very important to the ecosystem, and why such organizations as the Canadian Wolf Coalition are working hard to protect them.

They are a tireless duo that travel from school to school bringing the message on wolf  education, and I must add that Gary does this on his own time and doesn’t requite payment.  He is so dedicated to this cause that he absorbs the out of pocket expenses just so he can educate school students about wolves.

Here are what a principal and teachers have to say about the program…

“During the past two years Gary has
brought his pair of wolves to visit my class.
These animals captivate the children. The
wolves are well trained and Gary handles
them firmly and gently. The pupils are
riveted to his multi-media presentation,
which is fascinating as well as educational.
Both the students and I recommend to other
teachers that they invite Gary to speak
about his wolves. It is a unique opportunity
for our children to connect with a vital part
of our natural environment.”
Kristin Quigley, Teacher
Cheslakees Elementary
“What an incredible treat it was for the
kids to be introduced to Gary Allan’s
thirteen month old wolf, Tundra! Students
were mesmerized as they were graced with
Tundra’s presence.”
Wayne Peterson, Principal
Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw School

“The morning with Tundra was very
educational and inspiring. Everyone in my
class wants a wolf. I realize this is impossible
but at least we learned a little more
about the wolf and how the wolf is really
Irene Oickle, Teacher
Avalon Adventist

Topics covered
in the presentation are:
• Denning behavior
• Pup development
• Wolf pack is a family
• Wolf as top predator
• BC wolf conservation issues
• First Nations perspective
of the wolf
• Mating and reproduction

You can reach Gary at the following and find out when and where He and Tundra will be next.  They are traveling and making presentations this Fall.

Gary R. Allan
Box 210, Sointula,
British Columbia V0N 3E0
Telephone: (250) 973-6861

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