New Research Library on Red Wolf Coalition website! Check it out!

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Thanks to the effort, time and energy of a prominent researcher, we have about 100 papers and documents available on our website for anyone interested in red wolves. Thanks also to our webmaster and board vice-chair Mark MacAllister for putting this page up on our site.

The papers are divided into categories:

  • Government Reports
  • Hybridization Papers
  • Inbreeding and Disease Papers
  • Management and Conservation Papers
  • Space Use, Diet, Morphology and Population Papers
  • Taxonomy Papers

In most cases, the papers are listed alphabetically by senior author.

The beauty of this library is that our source set up a hyperlink for each bibliography entry to view or download the selected paper. Just a click, and voila!

Please contact with any questions or comments about this library. Let us know also if you have additional papers to recommend for the list. Thank you!

Also check out the Canine Ancestry Project at:

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