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FWP Eliminates Wolf Coordinator Position

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Wolves have been a hot topic in our state and now Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks wants to focus their energy on other projects and animals.

FWP has eliminated the position of Wolf Coordinator and plans to include the focus of wolves in their Wildlife Program.

Carolyn Sime, who has held the position for the past ten years, will be assigned other duties, yet officials aren’t sure what her responsibilities will be.

With the control of wolves out of the state’s hands at this time, FWP Wildlife Division employees felt that this was the best step to take.

FWP Bureau Chief of Communications and Education, Ron Aasheim, says “we decided it was time to integrate wolf management into the management of other species. The transition needed to take place, the timings good, wolves are recovered and it’s just, we’ve got people on the field that are in good shape as far as monitoring and helping with depredation response. So, we had gotten to where we wanted to be, we’re recovered and so Carolyn is going to move on and do something different.”

Sime’s only comment so far is that she’s proud of the progress the state’s made in wolf management.

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