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National Parks: Wolves in Winter? Yo, Yellowstone!

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You could say every week is Wolf Week in Yellowstone National Park, now that we’re 15 years into the controversial reintroduction of the animals to the park. But this winter, the people at the Yellowstone Assn. Institute would like to say a little more on the subject.

So the nonprofit institute is offering “Lamar Valley Wolf Week” programs Dec. 13 through 17 and Dec. 20 through 24, then again March 7 through 11 and March 14 through 18. The programs, led by the institute’s naturalists and guest speakers, include field observation, classroom learning, hikes and snowshoeing expeditions.

The classes are limited to 19 participants each (minimum age: 12). The cost is $580, which includes three catered meals daily and rental equipment such as snowshoes. Participants sleep in shared cabins at Lamar Buffalo Ranch, which typically cost $30 to $37.50 per person.

Wolves, absent from the park for about 60 years, were reintroduced in 1995 and 1996, a step that sparked debate among ranchers in Wyoming and Montana near the park. The Lamar Valley, at the north end of the park, is considered one of the world’s premier spots for observing wolves in the wild.

Photo is taken by Yellowstone Wolf Project biologist Dan Stahler.  Dan is an integral part of studying wolves in Yellowstone, and plays a big part in collaring wolves along with Doug Smith.(note…

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