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National Wolfwatcher Coalition: Statement on Wolf Issues in the Northern Rockies

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Where we stand, and why..

The NWC understands the passionate response to efforts by some state agencies in the Northern Rockies to harshly reduce the numbers of wolves in those states. However, the idea that a boycott of a state to get it to change public policy almost always fails and it becomes a symbolic act of defiance rather than a tool to bring about much needed change and cooperation.

In the Northern Rockies, there are many citizens who support the idea of a sustainable population of wolves. Many of them provide services to the thousands of tourists who visit these lands to view and learn about wolves and other wildlife or to experience the beauty and natural assets of America’s public lands. A boycott of this region would primarily harm many of these residents while doing little to change state wildlife management practices.

As a new nonprofit organization, the National Wolfwatcher Coalition vehemently opposes the wolf hunts in the Northern Rockies because we believe this action is not guided by the best available science. In response, we seek to create ways to help all Americans better appreciate and value the assets and uniqueness of our wolves by broadening public awareness and support for these apex predators through the vehicle of education and by working collaboratively with local, state and federal agencies as well as a coalition of other wildlife organizations to further this goal.

Board, National Wolfwatcher Coalition

Understand, Love, Protect

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