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Pack of Wolves reported in Northwest Montana

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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks reports that an elk hunter reported seeing a pack of wolves at a site where he had taken a bull elk.

The hunter killed the elk in drainage of the South Fork of the Flathead on Friday, October 29th. The hunter and a companion reported that they went back with horses to the site on Saturday to retrieve the meat and they encountered a pack of wolves at the site.

They felt threatened and say they shot at the wolves and then they left the site, according to FWP’s John Fraley.

The hunter contacted FWP and on Monday a warden accompanied them back to the site.

The warden documented that one wolf was killed, and multiple tracks at the site confirmed that a pack of wolves had been present. The elk had been fed on by wolves and a grizzly bear.

Because wolves are federally classified as endangered, FWP has turned over the information to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service enforcement agent who will follow up on the incident.

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