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Wildlife Comeback in Europe

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The study found that the numbers of carnivores have either remained steady or greatly increased in European countries. In some cases the animals have recovered robust populations that were extinct at some point between 1950 and 1970.

With biodiversity in continuing decline worldwide, and targets set to reduce biodiversity loss not being met, conservation successes are rare in comparison to the news on declining populations and extinctions. Wildlife in Europe is showing a variety of responses to human pressure: while certain groups are clearly in decline and require conservation attention, other wildlife species are showing resurgence from previously low levels. Understanding the mechanisms allowing this wildlife comeback is crucial to better conservation of wildlife both in Europe and across the world, if we can apply the principles underlying conservation success to reverse declines in other species.

Author(s): Stefanie Deinet, Christina Ieronymidou, Louise McRae, Ian J. Burfield, Ruud P. Foppen, Ben Collen, Monika Böhm


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