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2017 Michigan Wolf Conflicts

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According to USDA, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where all of the approximate 618 wolves are located, has approximately 900 working farms with about 50,000 head of cattle. 

Data was obtained from Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDARD) and Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR).

In 2017, five farms experienced a conflict with wolves resulting in the death of six livestock animals; one farm reported an injury to a horse.  Three hounds were killed by wolves.  Compensation payments were made to four producers.  Total amount paid in 2017 was $2412. 

No payment was paid for the injured horse; No payment was made to one producer who lost a calf to wolves because he failed to report the event within the required 24 hour period.  Michigan does not provide compensation for dogs killed for wolves.

Click to read the Incident reports from MDARD.  Only those for which payment was issued are provided. 

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