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2022 Michigan Wolf Plan

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This plan provides strategic guidance for the management of wolves in Michigan. It was developed to help: 1) maintain a viable Michigan wolf population above a level that would warrant its classification as threatened or endangered; 2) facilitate wolf-related benefits; 3) minimize wolf-related conflicts; and 4) conduct science-based wolf management with socially responsible methods.

The DNR has a public trust responsibility for the management of all wildlife species and
populations. Primary legal authority for wildlife management and regulation comes from the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA), Public Act 451 of 1994. Part 401 of NREPA gives specific authorities to the NRC and the DNR Director to issue orders regulating wildlife management and hunting. Accordingly, this plan was developed primarily to guide the DNR’s management of wolves and any subsequent recommendations to the NRC. This plan also may inform federal, state, and tribal agencies and private organizations as they develop strategies pertinent to wolves. We hope this plan encourages cooperation and consistent approaches among partners in their efforts to manage wolves in Michigan….

Document: Signed_Wolf_Action.pdf  PDF icon

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