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692F of Yellowstone..This Wolf was Illegally Killed

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692F was not attached to any specific pack in Yellowstone National Park.  She was known to roam the south flank of Bunsen Peak. She was among the founding females of the Blacktail Peak Pack and was eventually ousted by her sister 693F, and then became a lone traveler often seen alone in the Greater Yellowstone area.

On November 5th, 2011, Branson Mace was hunting in the area of Jardine, MT and came across 692F as she was roaming the area, and he shot and killed her illegally as the area had recently been closed to hunting.  Mace claims he didn’t know the season was closed, but it is clearly the responsibility of the hunter to know what areas are open and for what species.  Ultimately the life of this wolf resulted in a simple fine of $135.00 to Mace.  Nothing more. The penalty for what amounts to poaching need to be reviewed.  Claiming that he did not know the season was closed does not give one a “free ride” to unlawfully kill  , and this is certainly no exception.  We are calling for penalties of this nature, resulting in the loss of life, to be far more severe than a slap on the wrist.  We ask what type of deterrent does this serve? 

Wolves of Yellowstone are dear to many of us.  We have the great opportunity to watch them in the wild, and while they roam and do what they do as an integral part of the ecosystem as the apex predator, they simply don’t know boundaries, and are in grave peril should they wander outside the Park’s protection. It is never accepted lightly when an episode like this happens and a wolf is illegally killed, and especially one that is known so well by many of us.

To 692F, she will long be remembered as a wolf that had a lasting impact in Yellowstone National Park.  Now when we see the Blacktails running through Hell Roaring  and Blacktail Peak, we will forever remember 692F.  Like 642F killed earlier in the hunting season, Yellowstone wolves live forever in our hearts.

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692F of Yellowstone National Park ( Both Photos Courtesy Kevin and Tammy Luoma..posted on Blue Sky Cabins, Red Lodge, MT)


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