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"692F has made the Journey Home"

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Wolf 692F was certainly a remarkable wolf of Yellowstone.   She lived her life freely doing what wild wolves do.  Her time was cut short by a bullet during this hunting season of 2011.  But her life, and death,  will not have been in vain.

I received an update today, December 9th, 2011, that 692F was back in Yellowstone National Park. The skull will be kept with the many other wolves from Yellowstone that have passed before her.  And the pelt also will be kept at the Park and used for educational purposes.  Bittersweet, but she is Home, and that is comforting considering she was taken before her time.

We want to thank everyone who responded to our request to contact MT Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Director Joe Maurier.  His office was “swamped” with phone calls and emails.  You banded together to make a difference and your voices were heard loud and clear!

Today we followed up with MT FWP Captain Warden Sam Sheppard of Bozeman.  He was very professional and extended his information readily.  .  When requesting  information on the radio collar that 692f had been wearing he told us that the collar was recovered intact and was being transported back to Yellowstone National Park officials.

While the amount of the fine handed down to Branson Mace was still in question we are satisfied at this point as there is another party involved which FWP is looking for, and the investigation is ongoing.  Due to the status of the case we cannot post further information, but will do so as soon as it is made public.

We are grateful for a quick resolution and it serves us to look at better protecting our Yellowstone wolves in the future.  We will certainly be exploring our options and taking action to work toward that goal.  While wolves may not know boundaries as they leave the Park, each time we lose one like this is painful during  very difficult times.    Thanks to everyone for what you continue to do for wolves, and we certainly could not do this without you.  Be assured we will call upon you again, and it is comforting knowing you will continue to answer that call.

And remember what Sam Sheppard told us today,”You can all rest assured that this wolf will not have died in vain.  She will be used  for educational purposes for a long time to come.”

To all the wolf watchers,

National Wolfwatcher Coalition

Understand, Love, Protect



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