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A response from Senator Jack Reed…

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Senator Jack Reed, well known for his strong environment stand  on preserving endangered species and the ecosystem responds on the issue of  delisting  gray wolves in the northern Rockies.  Here is his  response to my concerns today..

Thank you for contacting me regarding the status of the Northern Rocky Mountain (NRM) gray wolf population.  I appreciate hearing from you.
As you may know, a number of bills have been introduced in the Senate that would have the effect of removing part or all of the NRM gray wolf population from the list of endangered and threatened species.  These bills — S. 3825, S. 3864, and S. 3919 — have been referred to the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.  For more information on the status of the NRM gray wolf population, please visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s website at

Like you, I believe that we must work together to protect endangered species, wildlife, and ecosystems.  Please be assured that I will keep your thoughts in mind should S. 3825, S. 3864, S, 3919, or related legislation be considered by the full Senate.
Again, thank you for contacting me, and please do not hesitate to write, call, or visit my website,, in the future for information regarding this or any other matter.
Jack Reed
United States Senator
We all need to contact our Senators and let them know how strongly we feel about protecting wolves from being prematurely removed from the Endangered Species Act.
It has been fully established that from a scientific stand, wolves have not yet fully recovered and a hunting season could prove devastating to wolves in the region.  This is not why the ESA was introduced.
I ask myself why would they remove the protection for wolves at this time, knowing that the population would once again fall so far that wolves would once again need to be protected and managed by the federal government.  This action is being brought forward by special interest groups (hunting and sportsmen associations mainly).  These groups play a significant role in the election process in the northern Rockies, and certainly have the Governors of the three states attention.
The wolf is an apex predator of North America and certainly does not come without controversy.  He draws on so many emotions , from love to hate, and little in between.  I can think of no other animal on this planet that demands such attention.  The wolf’s contributions to a healthy ecosystem is well documented, and it is the opinion of Wolfwatcher and so many others that the population has not fully recovered and should not be taken of the ESA at this time.  At the same time we are striving to see the wolf recovered and managed properly by individual states.  That is the ultimate goal of the ESA, as well as ours.  It is honestly frightening when the power to do so ends up in the hands of Governors that  hate wolves and have all stated that they would like to see them eliminated.
There is strong disagreement on the impact of wolves on livestock depredation and on elk population . We all know that wolves, bears, and lions all take livestock, but the circumstances and the unfair blame laid on wolves as the main cause of depredation can be debated over and over again.

I also have reports that the elk population is much stronger than they would have one believe. I also question that if the elk population is really that challenged why do they still hunt them, and why would they take cows.  There is also  a big issue of poaching trophy elk .  Hunting may have an American history but wolves have a history that dates back much further   If hunters are so concerned about the elk population then why not either cut back or place a seasonal moratorium  on hunting to help restore the numbers.  Because hunters have to make a bigger effort to actually hunt elk now thanks to wolves keeping them on the move as opposed to being able to shoot them out their truck windows might be part of the problem.hunters have.

I have and still do propose that a tri state panel be established made up of unbiased people from several groups, including wildlife and conservation members to include non state biologists, advocacy groups, sportsmen groups and those that represent the ranching community.  Also the FWP of each state should also have representatives.   I feel that this may be the only way to work on the many issues and really try to find a solution that will ultimately be implemented and adhered to.  As it stands now every time either group makes a move, there is a counter move and so on and so forth.
Trust me when I tell you that if the idea here is to take wolves off the ESA prematurely, or in an attempt to remove them permanently, there will be strong action taken to protect them at all cost.  To me there simply has to be a better way, and the sooner wolves are accepted for what they are, a top apex predator on North America that was destroyed some seventy years ago, and is once trying to recover to their rightful place .

There is no quick and easy solution in place, sad to say.  What I do strongly recommend is for wolf advocates to take action and contact both of their state Senators and let them know in no uncertain terms how they feel .  If and when this comes to a vote I hope and do believe that Senator Reed will think about what I said to him, and if every Senator is contacted from enough of us, then hopefully that will make a difference.

Isn’t that what we are all about?  We are banded together on this one to speak out for wolves.  They need us at every turn, and we will Make A Difference.

Here is the list of United States Senators and their contact information:

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