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Action Alert: Justice for Oregon Wolf, "OR-9"

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According to the public trust doctrine, states are obligated to ensure a sustainable population of species, including wolves; it is clearly evident that science is just not guiding decision-making in Idaho. 

  • Of the three states in the overall Northern Rockies wolf recovery zone, Idaho has the most suitable wolf habitat. Yet Idaho’s position on wolves is that there should be zero wolves in the state (Idaho plan, 2002, p.4).  In fact, Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter even declared at a statehouse rally, “I’m prepared to bid for that first ticket to shoot a wolf myself.” 
  • Idaho fails to provide the critically objective and verifiable scientific data that is required by federal law when making decisions about the endangered status of animals as well as their management in individual states.
  • Wolves don’t “belong” to just Idaho, either!  The Endangered Species Act represents a decades-old bi-partisan consensus among Americans which asserts that wildlife and ecologies are invaluable and worth protecting. Just as the quality of our air and water cannot be left to the individual States, neither can the continued healthy survival of our vital and endangered wildlife.  Wildlife belongs to America, too.


An Idahoan hunter apparently “didn’t realize” his wolf tag was no longer valid when he shot and killed a collared male wolf from northeast Oregon’s Imnaha Pack – OR-9, “Journey’s” sibling!   This hunter who “poached” OR-9 was given a mere warning and that is simply not acceptable.  This hunter should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Please call Virgil Moore at the Idaho Dept of Fish and Game and tell him what you think of Idaho’s policies – (208) 334-3771.   

 OR-9    was a healthy and strong young wolf who posed no threat to livestock or humans. In his memory, we hope you take action on his behalf as well as all those wolves who remain in the line of fire in this state.

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