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Alyssa Grayson Awarded the HSUS Kind Kid Award

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Alyssa Grayson is the 2012  recipient of the HSUS Kind Kid Award!

It is with great pleasure that we take this opportunity to announce that one of our most accomplished Junior Advocates, Alyssa Grayson, is the recipient of the Humane Society of the United States’ Kind Kid Award, 2012.  Alyssa continues to make a positive difference in her community and the world by being an active, intelligent and compassionate advocate for all animals.

As a participant in various activities associated with the Girl Scouts and the 4-H Club, Alyssa has been afforded a variety of eco-enriching experiences, and she has developed an appreciation of the outdoors. She has grown in her personal awareness and understanding of the environment and its challenges, and she has made a personal commitment to being an active environmental steward. Alyssa was appointed by the Board and Officers of the National Wolfwatcher Coalition as its first Junior Advisory Board member. She has designed and implemented a story hour at her local library that features positive wolf-related stories and crafts that teach young children the concepts of respect and acceptance for all wildlife, especially wolves. Alyssa provides multimedia presentations about wolf biology and wolf ecology to promote a better understanding of the role of this apex predator in the maintenance of healthy ecosystems among her peers. As an environmental advocate, Alyssa has exercised her right to responsible citizenship when she wrote letters to Senator Jack Reed and the Commissioners of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks as well as when she called the offices of President Obama and the Governors ofOregon and Idaho to express her informed opinions on serious issues that affect the future sustainability of wildlife. In addition, Alyssa engages her peers nationwide by writing “Alyssa’s Den,” a blog from which she shares her knowledge and eco-experiences which is proudly posted on the National Wolfwatcher Coalition’s website. Alyssa is a volunteer for Rhode Island’s Fish and Wildlife agency; she provides wolf ecology presentations, designs and implements nature crafts activities for peers, participates in clearing trails, and guides nature hikes for younger kids.

Alyssa recognizes the beauty and wonder of the animals with which she shares her world while she explores the challenges they face. Through practice, she encourages youth to coexist humanely with animals, she celebrates the human-animal bond, and she has becomeactive in efforts to protect animals. Alyssa volunteers regularly at the local animal shelter. She assumes the responsibilities of walking and grooming dogs and socializing cats to encourage potential adoptions. She bakes organic homemade treats for animals in the shelter and she has organized a pet drive at her school – collecting wet and dry dog/cat food, toys, bones and treats for the animals in the shelter. Alyssa also generously donated her “pup fund” money to one of the dogs that needed critical medical care.
Alyssa is a citizen-scientist for FrogWatch USA. This program is an American Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ flagship citizens-based science program that allows individuals and families to learn about the wetlands in their communities and to help conserve amphibians by reporting the calls of local frogs and toads. Alyssa has been trained to collect FrogWatch USA information, and ongoing analyses of these data have been used to help develop practical strategies for the conservation of these important species.
As a result of her rich and varied experiences in nature and the support of her loving family, Alyssa Grayson has become a self-confident, strong, and compassionate young American. She respects herself and others, makes good decisions, is open to new challenges, and uses her skills and talents to make her world a better place. Alyssa puts her values into practice in her everyday life for the betterment of wildlife conservation. She is a symbol of hope to those who look to the next generation for a better tomorrow.

We , along with all our NWC officers, are so very proud to play a small hands on  role in Alyssa’s amazing journey…



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