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Alyssa Grayson talks to Students about Wolves

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Alyssa Grayson, our dynamic and youngest member of the National Wolfwatcher Coalition, talks to students about wolves at the Rocky Hill School in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Alyssa has been teaching students about wolves all week.   She recently gave presentations to students from Wakefield Hill Elementary, kindergarten through fourth grade, and also kindergartners at Greenbush Elementary school. . Yesterday on October 25th, Alyssa talked to high school students at Rocky Hill School where she is currently a fifth grader.

“Who here is afraid of wolves?”  Alyssa  asked. A lot of hands went up.  Alyssa told everyone that wolves were more afraid of us than we are of them. “Wolves do not eat kids!”

Alyssa has  a real passion for wolves, and she researches her topic quite well. She proceeded to address the class and asked seven students to stand up, and explained that was how many Mexican Gray wolves were alive on this planet not very long ago. 

Alyssa Grayson, Rocky Hill student and member of National Wolfwatcher Coalition


She asked two students to sit down and said that was how many Mexican Gray wolves were at the Wolf Conservation Center with genetic ties to those original five.  I didn’t even know that fact.

Alyssa talked about the myths surrounding wolves over the years, and presented fact after fact about wolves and the important contributions they make to the ecosystem.  As she concluded her presentation and opened it up for questions, her teacher Mrs. Goldstein suggested Alyssa had just satisfied her  student senior exposition, meeting all the criteria possible, which was met with overwhelming approval.

Watch a segment of her presentation . Alyssa talks about the ordeals of wolves living in the wild, and mentions three wolves of Yellowstone National Park.  I think you will enjoy the question and answer segment that follows .  Alyssa is a very valuable member of the National Wolfwatcher Coalition and continues to deliver important messages on behalf of wolves in the wild.  Thank you Alyssa for all you continue to do for wolves, by educating others as you did today!



A very special thanks to Dr. Jonathan Schoenwald (Head of School), Richard Dempsey (Head of Upper School), Charles Laurent (Head of Lower School) and Mrs. Goldstein (Alyssa’s 5th grade teacher),  Their support of programs like this one by Alyssa are commended.  Rocky Hill School in East Greenwich, RI is a very progressive school that really does care about its students, and today Alyssa was afforded the opportunity to talk about her passion to the body of the school.  Efforts by educational facilities like Rocky Hill School is making a difference, and we at Wolfwatcher just want to say “Thanks!”

Dave Hornoff


National Wolfwatcher Coalition


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