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An Important Message

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On June 15, 2013, Dave Hornoff’s term as Wolfwatcher’s first Executive Director expired. Dave’s new role as ‘Wildlife Advocate’ will enable him to assist with the significant regional demands that require additional support as needed. Presently, Dave will be joining the Northern Rockies regional team.

Guided by the democratic process, I was unanimously elected to serve a three-year term as Wolfwatcher’s newest Executive Director.  On June 16th, I humbly accepted this position with the hope that I may utilize my time and talents as an educator in a manner that best reflects our mission statement and educational priorities.

While the cause of wolf preservation is challenging, Wolfwatcher’s commitment remains steadfast when it comes to educating and advocating for wolves based on the best available science and the principles of democracy.   I am proud of Wolfwatcher’s national and regional teams because it has been their active engagement, voice and participation that has carried our message about wolves to neighborhoods, public meetings, government officials and media outlets around the nation.  

Moving forward, I also hope to continue our practice of ‘educating advocating, and participating’ via collaborative partnerships with other dedicated organizations that  share our mission.  Of course, on behalf of our Board and Advisory, I extend my warmest regards and deepest gratitude to our supporters  who continue to provide us with an endless source of inspiration, encouragement and support. Thank you for your kindness.


For our wild ones,

Diane Bentivegna, Ed.M.

Executive Director

National Wolfwatcher Coalition

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