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For Montana Residents Only

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Two bills will be debated in Montana’s Legislature on Tuesday, Mar. 26th

SB397 proposes:

  • wolves to be trapped using snares and conibear traps
  • baiting wolf traps with  skinned carcasses of other wolves and other big game species
  • extending trap check times to 72 hours for wolves
  • extending the wolf trapping and hunting season from Sept. 1-June 30.

SB200 proposes:

  • multiple licenses to hunt and trap wolves; use of electronic calls
  • landowners and others to kill wolves on private property without a hunting license
  • reduction in the price of a nonresident wolf hunting license (from $350-$50)
  • removes requirement for hunters to wear orange

Please attend hearing.  If you cannot attend, please

  1. submit your “NO” votes and COMMENTS to:
  2. Check the “Committee” box. Enter Senate Fish and Game for SB 397 – urge them to  vote NO –
  3. Check the “Committee” box. Enter House Fish, Wildlife and Parks for SB 200
    Urge them to vote NO –



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