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Today, June 2, 2010, the 755 group which includes my favorite wolf, 06…the beautiful gray wolf and descendant of the Druid Peak Pack wolf #21, was officially declared the
Lamar Canyon Pack.

Normally I would sit back and say, “Hey, that kind of makes sense”, but on this one I can do one better. On my February trip with the Wild Side in Yellowstone, we spent a great deal of time watching this amazing group of wolves, and I actually was blessed to be in the right place at the right time to take photos of 06 and 755 in a tie.

They were in Lamar Canyon just outside Lamar Valley.

The week to follow I spent so much time in Lamar Canyon as this is where the action was.   06 took down three bull elk single (paw) handed. Again, amazing!!!

One evening back at the Buffalo Ranch I was talking with Nathan  and said, “You know, I have the perfect name for the 06 group, and said they should be called the Lamar Canyon
Pack for two reasons: They spend so much time in Lamar Canyon for one, and what might be a major reason is that this name, this group, this Druid descendant, with a name including Lamar makes one think of those mightily loved Druids. What a way to take the sting out of their fading into just memories. The torch could be passed with such a name, and today I truly feel it has been.

Nathan replied, “You know, that is a great name! You should mention it to Dan. No pack has ever been named after Lamar Canyon and that really is a great idea!”

Dan Stahler was the featured guest speaker that evening and I certainly did mention it to him. Later in the week I even slid the idea out to Rick McIntyre, wolf watcher extraordinaire!

Whether somebody remembered one of those conversations, whether somebody from the Yellowstone Wolf Project said  “Hey ..Lamar Canyon Pack is a fitting name ”, or for one of so many reasons…today they are indeed the Lamar Canyon Pack and I will smile every time I hear those words. Special wolf watcher memories will be ours for years to come.

Deep down, this has connected me even that much closer to Yellowstone.

Understand, Love, Protect


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