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Mexican Wolf News from the Wolf Conservation Center!

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The Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY is buzzing with excitement over the news from the recent Annual Mexican Wolf Meeting.

You can feel it in the air as you listen to Maggie Howell talk about F837 and M805. These two lobos were selected to breed. This means a great deal not only to the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program, but also to the educational center and its visitors as well. What a great opportunity to witness these 8 year old wolves as they hopefully make history and produce a litter of pups for early next spring. Not just any pups, mind you. There are presently only about fifty lobos in the wild right now in the New Mexico and Arizona southwest region.

There are so many issues facing Mexican wolves in the southwest. Recent fires, and the decision this past week to allow trapping once again on public lands in New Mexico provide even greater obstacles for their recovery. That makes the selection of these two wolves even that more important.

The Wolf Conservation Center proudly displays these two Mexican wolves, along with a breeding pair of Red wolves and pups. And of course who could forget about the Ambassador Wolf Program headed by Atka, a truly magnificent Arctic gray wolf. And last, but certainly not least, take the opportunity to watch the Center’s newest future ambassador wolves, brother and sister Zephyr and Alawa.

You can access the calendar for the educational programs, and all the other wolf happenings at the Center by going to this link:




Mexican Wolf Recovery Program Update by Maggie Howell, Wolf Conservation Center from Dave Hornoff on Vimeo.

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