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Mike Leahy, Defenders of Wildlife Regional Director, Northern Rockies

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Mike is the Regional Director for the Northern Rockies( Defenders of Wildlife ). Mike talks about Defenders’ current efforts concerning wolf issues in the Northern Rockies,  Boycotts , and  an inside look as to what a day in the life of Mike Leahy looks like.

Mike Leahy runs the regional office in the Northern Rockies, and is based in Bozeman, Montana.  Wolf issues are most demanding and when it comes to wolves, the Northern Rockies certainly remains the hotbed for a myriad of issues.    I was  fortunate to have this time with Mike as he talks about what Defenders is currently working on concerning wolves, and  actions that supporters and advocates can get involved in to help.

One of the issues that some grassroots groups are engaged in is the boycotting of the three Northern Rockies states of M0ntana, Wyoming, and Idaho.  We at NWC do not support a boycott for several reasons and have made our thoughts well known recently. Watch this video  for some insightful information from Mike Leahy as to why he believes a boycott will not successfully benefit wolves , and we couldn’t agree more.

Mike also offers us a look into a day in his life as Director of the Northern Rockies Division for Defenders of Wildlife  .  Not an easy job to say the least, but Mike meets the challenges head on and we are most appreciative that he takes time from his busy schedule to meet with us and provide everyone with an inside look as to what is happening right now, and what we can do for wolves.

Thanks to Mike Leahy for his time, and more importantly for the drive and passion in which he does his job advocating for wildlife and wildlife habitat. We  certainly appreciate Mike’s strong efforts on behalf of wolves.  Thanks Mike.!

National Wolfwatcher Coalition is a strong supporter of Defenders of Wildlife

Please watch the video.


Dave Hornoff

Executive Director

National Wolfwatcher Coalition

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