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On May 20, 2011 the United States will observe Endangered Species Day for the first time.

The purpose of the special day is “to recognize conservation efforts underway across the nation aimed at helping America’s imperiled species.” 

In recognition of this auspicious event and the serious plight of America’s most remarkable apex predator, the wolf, we respectfully announce the arrival of a new nonprofit organization [501(c)(3) approval pending] dedicated exclusively to wolf conservation and advocacy in our nation: the National Wolfwatcher Coalition, Inc.

Please visit our new website found at to explore our mission as well as the variety of educational resources it provides about wolves in all regions of its historic range. We encourage you to visit the site often for exclusive wolf-related news and to keep posted regarding upcoming information about membership opportunities in the near future.

Of course, supporters can also find us on Facebook’s “WOLFWATCHER” page (one word) found at:

As a grassroots organization, we will appreciate and depend upon your continued support and participation. Thus, we invite you to join our mission in promoting wolf conservation so that, collectively, we understand, love and protect the wolf in America ~ now and forever.

Board of Directors and Officers
National Wolfwatcher Coalition, Inc.(pending)

Note:  These legendary Ambassador Wolves are from the Wolf Conservation Center.  They are the voice for wolves in the wild, and we will join them today, and every day.

Photo by Josh Lewis.

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