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Project Yellowstone Fundraiser!

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Yellowstone wolf 832F was the best educator for her species….



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Image for the  sweatshirt  provided from a photo by Jimmy Jones.  JimmyJonesPhotography.

Wolfwatcher considers its educational mission to be among its most important priorities. Since Yellowstone wolf 832F’s (“O6”) passing, we received an overwhelming number of emails and messages recounting your experiences in the Park as you observed her travails as the alpha of the Lamar Canyon Pack.  We have concluded that “06” was, perhaps, one of the best educators for her species…

Since her passing, we remain committed to continuing 832F’s educational legacy. Thus, we are beginning a fund raising campaign – the sale of this sweatshirt which features an image of “06” designed by esteemed graphic artist, Wolfwatcher’s Media Director, Chris Cross – with 100% of the proceeds going to three educational initiatives in her memory:


UPDATE:  Yellowstone “06” Lapel Pin Added to Store!

000 Presentation 2013


The Yellowstone Park Foundation – While the federal government provides funding for the basic monitoring of wolves in Yellowstone, it does not fund the Yellowstone Wolf Project’s equipment needs, long-term research on the wolf’s impacts on the ecosystem, sufficient aerial monitoring, or the staff necessary to run the project effectively on a day-to-day basis.  The funds we help raise for this nonprofit will help make up for the wolf project’s funding shortfalls.

2 – The Yellowstone Association –  a nonprofit organization that is the National Park Service’s primary partner in providing educational programs, exhibits, and publications for park visitors and has furnished over $27 million in support for Yellowstone since its inception in 1933.

3 – Wolfwatcher’s “Project: Yellowstone” –  an annual initiative which invites supporters from around the nation to join us in Yellowstone for one week to observe wolves in the wild and learn more about them via programs taught by the experts.


We also encourage you to continue sending us wonderful stories about your sightings of “06” and other Yellowstone wolves. We would love to share them in upcoming newsletters!   Science-based research and education is critical to the mission of wolf recovery. By wearing this shirt, you help us promote 06’s legacy by directly supporting educational programs that encourage peaceful coexistence with wolves on the landscape.

Visit Wolfwatcher’s Store for details.

*Photo courtesy Doug McLaughlin


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