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Project Yellowstone

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Here is a glimpse of our week-long interactive visit to Yellowstone National Park known as Wolfwatcher’s “Project: Yellowstone.”   Our goal for this adventure remained consistent with our mission ~ to educate, advocate, and participate in the outdoor nation on behalf of wolf conservation.



We would like to thank the growing number of businesses that catered specifically to eco-tourism. We want to assure them that this initiative is the first of more to come in the Greater Yellowstone Region as well as other regions where wolves roam freely.

We use local transportation (including airlines), hotel accommodations, grocery stores, gift shops, outdoor equipment rental shops, restaurants, etc. and we spend our money thoughtfully to show our support for businesses that rely on *healthy* wolf populations.

We expect that decision-makers in government and government agencies will make a balanced, informed, and good-faith effort to understand *all* the effects of wolves on the landscape – including the significantly positive effects that wolves and other predators have on the ecosystem and the economy!

Board of Directors,

National Wolfwatcher Coalition

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