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Send an e-mail to Carolyn Sime, Montana FWP

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I  urge everyone to contact Carolyn Sime of the Montana FWP,  and let her know that you strongly disagree with Montana’s attempts to slaughter hundreds of wolves, and call it wolf management.

Below is an e-mail I sent to her.  You are welcome to copy it and personalize it and send it to the e-mail listed.   We need to make our voices heard loud and clear that we choose a scientific approach to wolf management vs. a political one.  Please take action now, and this type of action is far better than signing a pre-written standard form, as they do not read those.  They will pay attention to personalized contact, so please take a few minutes and do this now.

Thanks and find the information below.

For further information contact our wolf team:

  • Call Carolyn Sime, Statewide Wolf Coordinator (406) 444-3242 or a Local Specialist (below)
  • Or email:
  • Or write to us at:Montana Wolf Conservation & Management Program
    Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
    PO Box 200701
    Helena, MT 59620-0701

Dear Carolyn Sime,

I read a quote from you in an article about the MSU study showing the wolf population would be cut in half if Montana adopts the recent proposal.  You stated the report was not accurate because it did not take into account the wolf pups born in the spring.

I offer this for you to consider…

If there is a wolf reduction by whatever means you decide, if one or both of the breeding pair of any given pack is killed, there will be no pups in the Spring.  Pups mortality rate in the wild is about 75% in their very first year without interference.

Take into account the wolves that die of natural causes and also those that die from disease.

Take into account the unlawful killing of wolves by hunting groups that hate wolves, and groups that your department has chosen to align itself with.

Take the politics out of the equation and follow the scientific facts that you know are true.

What needs to happen is finding a medium where the wolves will not be decimated, and the elk population can be improved upon, and there are certainly ways to do both without putting the wolf population at a severe risk once again.  Do that and you will simply create a revolving door where they are relisted under the ESA every other year.  To me Carolyn, that is wolf mismanagement.

Thanks for your time in reading this and I hope you really listen for I speak for many people.


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