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Speak Up for Idaho's Wolves

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Once again, Idaho is planning another controversial and unscientific measure to “manage” its wolf populations.

Dogs could soon be used to lure wolves in Idaho as an effort to kill off the wolves that attack livestock!     Idaho Senate Bill 1305, introduced by State Sen. Jeff Siddoway (R-Terreton), faced the Senate Resources and Environmental Committee for a hearing on Monday, Feb. 20th.   Siddoway, who proposed this “Wolf Depredation Control” bill, is a wealthy sheep rancher who holds public grazing permits which allow him to graze his sheep on public lands – the wolves’ only habitat. The bill would amend existing Idaho laws relating to the control of wolves and would give more freedom to ranchers.

 According to this bill,

  1. a rancher could hunt down a wolf and kill a wolf without a permit within 30 days of a livestock attack – even if Fish and Game has not confirmed the kill was caused by a wolf.

  2. ranchers would be allowed to use live bait to lure the wolf to a particular area to be killed. Domestic dogs, sheep and goats are some of the examples cited of what could be used as live bait.

  3. ranchers would be allowed to use a number of different ways to kill the wolves, including the use of night-vision scopes to shoot the wolves and even the use of an airplane to shoot the animals from the air.

It is important to note that according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, the number of sheep and lambs in the state of Idaho rose 6 percent in 2010 to 235,000, and the American Sheep Industry Association is encouraging sheep ranchers to increase flocks by two ewes per 100 by April 2014!  For a more detailed review of Wolf Depredation statistics in Idaho, please visit:

PLEASE CONTACT the following and tell them that YOU OPPOSE Senate Bill 1305 which allows the use of live bait to lure and kill wolves.

Idaho State Legislature

Contact Capitol – Email address:

Phone Numbers:



 Toll Free:


Office of Idaho Senate’s Resources and Environment Committee – 208-332-1323
The following representatives on Idaho Senate Resources and Environment Committee below to tell them
 A – Monty Pearce, Chair  – Telephone: 208-278-5408
B- Steve Bair, Vice Chair  – Telephone: 208-684-5209
C- Dean Cameron – Telephone: 208-436-5624
 D- Jeff Siddoway – Telephone:  208-663-4585
E- Bert Brackett – Telephone: 208-857-2217
F- Lee Heider  – Telephone: 208-734-8864
G- John Tippets – Telephone: 208-847-2876
H- Elliot Werk – Telephone: 208-658-0388
I – Michelle Stennett – Telephone:  208-726-8106


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