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Take Action For Wolves: Letter to Mike Volesky

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Follow this letter when writing to MTFWP, or the Governor’s Office.  This letter was sent to the Governor’s environmental aide, Mike Volesky…

Good morning Mike,

At National Wolfwatcher Coalition we have posted an alert and action in reference to what we see happening along the lines of the current wolf hunt. The hunting season hasn’t been as productive as MTFWP had hoped, with only about 1/2 of the quota met thus far.  Reports that I have been hearing is that many of the hunters simply can’t find wolves.  Doesn’t that send a message that maybe wolves aren’t the huge problem that they are perceived to be? 

What bothers me Mike is that the plan we received  initially was extended into February, and many thought that February 15th would and should be the latest extension for many reasons.  It is a well known fact that wolf breeding season is February, and denning season begins shortly thereafter.  If wolves are hunted into April, as we are now hearing , pregnant females will be killed, and that is really unacceptable.

With management comes responsibility, and if you and MTFWP want conservation groups like us to remain moderate and work alongside MTFWP and the Governor’s Office then there needs to be some concession on the State’s part.  If this further extension is enacted rest assured Mike that many groups and Montana citizens will respond and the platforms that we have reached  with cooperation may be severely damaged.

I am directing my concerns directly to you as we often fail to reach MTFWP, or should I say, they often simply don’t listen.  There are exceptions of course, but it seems that  many turn a deaf ear. We are encouraged with the meeting that you had with our member Marc Cooke and I can only hope the Governor has a say in this matter.  I know there is pressure from the livestock industry , but sometimes Mike the right thing to do when considering wildlife should not be compromised.

Thanks for taking the time to listen, and hopefully we can avert this very troubling event.


Dave Hornoff


National Wolfwatcher Coalition

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