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TAKE ACTION: Yellowstone National Park Buffer Zone for Wolves!

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Take Action Now and be a Voice for Yellowstone Wolves!

We are deeply disturbed by Montana FWP’s  wolf hunting/trapping plan for 2012-13. We will continue to make our voices  heard and we will urge restraint  to protect wolves in the Northern Rockies.  In the meantime, please tell   Montana FWP that you want a buffer zone around Yellowstone National Park to protect its  modest population of wolves who are at serious risk.   You can just copy the message below into an email, add your own personal comments (why wolves are important to you, etc.), sign it with your name, address and phone number, and send it to each of the Commissioners below:

Dan Vermillion,

(put “For Dan Vermillion” in the subject bar)

A.T. Stafne, Commissioner

(put “For A.T. Stafne” in the subject bar)

Shane Colton, Commissioner

(put “For Shane Colton” in the subject bar)

Bob Ream

Ron Moody

Dear Commissioner ________,

I am disappointed with Montana FWP’s 2012-13 wolf hunting/trapping plans for many reasons. Although you plan to revisit the progress of the hunt in December, I want a hunt-trap-free buffer now to surround Yellowstone National Park, specifically in management units 310, 320 and 390. Those units account for a large area of southern Montana from the Absaroka Mountains to the Madison Range and north as far as Great Falls and Lewistown.

For the past 5 years, the wolf population in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem has stabilized at around 130.  Trapping to kill 60% of wolves could decimate the greater Yellowstone population and possibly replicate the 2009 elimination of the Cottonwood Pack.

Healthy wolf populations generate revenue locally and provide jobs in the Greater Yellowstone region. Does Montana truly wish to ignore the economic advantages of the largest growing industry in the region – wolf watching – to appease narrow special interests with a clear political agenda? I expect my comment to receive prompt consideration and result in the revision of your wolf plan.



Thank you for making a difference!

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