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News » All News » Two Sisters take their Wolf Education Program "On the Road!"

Two Sisters take their Wolf Education Program "On the Road!"

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Marilyn McGee and Gail McDiarmid have been “on the road” sharing their knowledge about the red and gray wolf. These two ladies know the importance of predators in the wild. That is why wolf conservation is dear to their hearts! Participants’ (ages 3-83) have heard them speak, viewed slides, and touched pelts, tracks and radio collars, all items from a Discovery box from the Red Wolf Coalition. In a three week time span, these two sisters presented six programs!

Marilyn tailored her program to meet the needs of a younger audience by performing a skit about Little Red Riding Hood. Members of the audience joined her and learned how folklore and misinformation can cause fear of the wolf. Other props that were used to maintain interest of the young learners included a one pound potato (the birth weight of a red or gray pup) and a two foot, red ribbon to represent the gestation period of the wolf (one foot=30 days). Creativity is always needed when working with young children!

Gail however, presented to an older audience. Sociology students at Furman University in Greenville, SC listened intently as she discussed the history of wildlife management in the early years in Yellowstone National Park. Using a wide range of media types from You Tube videos to a power point presentation, she and the students examined attitudes of people and their feelings toward the wolf reintroduction. This discussion allowed Gail and the class to discuss the positive impact that the red and gray wolf have had on their natural environments since both predators have returned.

Their book, Running for Home is a fictional chapter book that examines the effects of the return of the gray wolf. With the reintroduction of this top predator, grazing habits of elk are greatly altered; returning the ecosystem to a

more diverse and balanced habitat. Please follow their progress on face book as they move closer to publication!


*We are proud to have both Marilyn and Gail as key advisers  at National Wolfwatcher Coaltion*

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