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Washington State Residents Action Alert

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To our Washington State supporters:

PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW on behalf of our Washington Wolves!


Our newly established Washington wolves are in jeopardy of losing what little protection they have, and with the upcoming denning season this could spell disaster for our Washington wolves. It is vital we let our Legislators know we want their protections held at the current standard our Conservation/Management Plan calls for.

Please contact your local legislators and tell them you want them to vote NO on bills…

SB 5187– Would allow the owners of livestock to kill a predator regardless of State classification without permit or utilization of non-lethal determent’s first.

SB 5188– Would allow any county legislative authority to authorize the lethal removal of wolves without permit or prior permission of DFWS.

SB 5193 Would list wolves as a big game species which could lead to increased lethal removals and premature hunting before the population has been fully recovered.

Please urge your local Legislators to protect our Washington wolves and our current Wolf Conservation and Management plan!




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