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Wisconsin: Spring Conservation Congress Update

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Dear Wolfwatcher Supporters:

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress hearings are on Monday, April 8 and are held in each of the 72 Wisconsin Counties at 7pm. We have prepared a statement on Question #68 to address the issue of hunting wolves with dogs.

Please consider attending and sharing the following as a Wolfwatcher supporter. We appreciate your willingness to speak out on behalf of wolves. If you choose not to speak, you should still attend the meeting and complete the questionnaire. For more information on the hearings, visit our website

DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS 48-51They are worded in such  a way that a “yes” or “no” supports hunting wolves with dogs.


There are a number of other questions of interest, including Question 99 regarding the year round hunting of coyotes.

Question #68: Would you favor legislation to prohibit the use of dogs to hunt and training dogs to hunt wolves?

My name is ______________. I am here as a supporter of the National Wolfwatcher Coalition. We seek to find common ground among all stakeholders and encourage solutions to roadblocks that challenge wolf recovery. We advocate for science-based decision making at all levels of government and participate in activities that promote wolf conservation. We have serious concerns with the present and future wolf management in Wisconsin.

The National Wolfwatcher Coalition fully supports legislation that prohibits the use of dogs to hunt and the training of dogs to hunt wolves.  Wolves are a pack society with a loyalty to others in the pack. Hounds are used to tree bears, while wolves would have to be cornered. The use of dogs to hunt wolves is banned in all other states and could potentially lead to more aggression towards dogs and will likely lead to increased wolf-dog conflicts. The use of dogs to hunt wolves may disrupt wolf breeding activity. Last year’s wolf hunting season closed early with the harvest quota exceeded, demonstrating that hounds are not necessary for hunting wolves.

We encourage groups and individuals here tonight to join as strong advocates for wolf conservation by calling for protection of wolves during the breeding season, as well as fair chase rules that don’t create unnecessary conflicts between wolves and hunting dogs. Please vote YES to Question #68 and support legislation that would be against the use of dogs in wolf hunting.


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