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Wisconsin Wolf Action Alert!

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Wisconsin Wolf Action Alert

The Law

Act 169 was signed into law by Governor Walker on April 2, 2012 creating a wolf hunting and trapping season in Wisconsin under the emergency rule procedures.

Components of the law include:

  • Season that begins 10/15 and runs through February
  • Baiting and predator calls are allowed
  • Authorizes hunting wolves with shot larger than size BB
  • Radio collared wolves can be killed
  • Fees collected will be used to reimburse livestock and dog owners who suffer depredation from wolves, including dogs in the act of training/hunting game (except wolf)
  • Cable restraints can be used for trapping, no method of kill is banned, and therefore, clubbing an animal to death is permitted.

Beginning with the first Monday after the end of gun deer season (this year 11/26), through February, the following practices are allowed:

  • Hunting with up to 6 dogs
  • Night hunting
  • Can use flashlights at the point of kill

To read Act 169 in its entirety, go to:

The Wisconsin DNR

As bleak as it may seem for Wisconsin wolves, there are things you can do.   WI DNR is in the process of developing the rules and regulations for the wolf hunting / trapping season.   The DNR will be establishing zones, including areas that should be closed to wolf hunting / trapping.  They will also be establishing the number of tags to be issued.

WI State statute establishes that the Natural Resource Board (NRB) possesses the rule making authority for the DNR.  The NRB has the authority to amend, reject or modify rules that are recommended by the DNR secretary.

The board will be considering wolf-related rules this summer.  The WI DNR will be requesting approval to initiate the rules process at the board’s May meeting. Public input will be taken at that time. The board will consider the proposal again when it adopts a rules package, a special meeting in July.   The agenda for the May 22/23 meeting in Madison has not yet been posted.  However, you can notices for the meetings at the board’s website when they are established at


Refer to Act 169 and send comments to:

  1.   Natural Resource Board, Chair David Clausen

               608 516 4328 (cell)

2.    Natural Resource Board, Liaison Laurie Ross

               608 267 7420

3.    WI DNR Secretary, Cathy Stepp

                608 267 7556


Talking Points

  • This law was created without minimal opportunity for public input; public hearings across the state should be held.
  • Urge the WI DNR utilize peer-reviewed research and scientific data as the basis for the rules and regulations in creating the wolf hunting season.  
  • Ask that predator calls that involve howling not be allowed
  • Close National Forests to all wolf hunting and trapping.  National Forests belong to all of us, not just Wisconsin residents.
  • Establish refuges for wolves that protect core wolf habitat and ban hunting and trapping in those areas.
  • This law was created as a guise to reduce depredations, therefore, the hunting season should be designed as to target wolves and wolf packs either responsible for livestock depredation or likely to cause depredations.
  • Mandate landowners who receive reimbursement for wolf damage open their lands to hunting/trapping.
  • Limit the amount paid as depredation payments to $200 for dogs killed by wolves while training or actively pursuing game.
  • DNR must be very conservative in the number of tags that are issued.
  • The number of landowner permits issued must be counted toward the total number of tags issued.
  • Require trappers to post warning signs whenever traps are placed on public lands.
  • WI DNR should begin the process to revise the Wolf Management Plan that incorporates the biological carrying capacity for the state which is estimated to be 700-1000 wolves
    • Captive raccoon, bobcat, black bear, rabbits, coyote and fox can be used for dog training purposes.  Currently, wolf hound hunters cannot train their dogs using captive wolves or wolf/dog hybrids, however, we need to insure it will not be permitted.   
    • Develop buffer zones around tribal lands



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