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Wisconsinites Unite Against Hunting With Dogs

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We are pleased to report that On March 20, 2013,  Senators Risser, Hansen, and Carpenter, introduced Senate Bill 93 in the WI State Senate. This bill prohibits the use of dogs for wolf hunting.   You can read the text here –

Now it is up to the citizens of Wisconsin who oppose the use of dogs for wolf hunting to urge their legislators to support SB93 so that the bill moves out of committee and proceeds smoothly through the legislative process.

  • Find your representatives and their contact information by going to the Wisconsin State Legislature and clicking on the “Who Represents Me?” link.
  • Also, we request that Wisconsinites contact every member of the Senate Natural Resources Committee (see the list below) and ask them to support SB93!    Even if you are not in their districts, these committee members need to hear first-hand that the majority of Wisconsinites oppose using dogs to hunt wolves!

WI Senate Natural Resources Committee:

Senator Neal Kedzie, Chair

Telephone (608) 266-2635



Senator Terry Moulton. Vice Chair

Telephone (608) 266-7511



Senator Thomas Tiffany

Telephone (608) 266-2509



Senator Mark Miller

Telephone (608) 266-9170


Senator Robert Wirch

Telephone (608) 267-8979



All Wisconsinites and others can contact
Office of the Governor
115 East State Capitol
Madison, WI 53702
608-266-1212 (Voice)
608-267-8983 (Fax)


Talking Points:

  • By failing to include reasonable restrictions on the training and use of dogs to hunt wolves, the DNR effectively authorizes, allows and facilitates cruelty to animals in violation of Wis. Stat. 951, the state law criminalizing animal cruelty and animal fighting.
  • Experts assert that the DNR’s failure to impose even the most basic restrictions, like leashing and dog training, is certain to lead to violent confrontations, bloodshed and unjustifiable cruelty in violation of both animal cruelty and hunting laws.
  • Even the most mainstream hunters OPPOSE the use of dogs to pursue wolves, as they feel it doesn’t give game the opportunity for fair chase, poses a threat to both private property rights and safe use and enjoyment of public lands by everyone, and increases the opportunity for dog to wolf conflict.  Bird dogs and even pets may be put at risk as wolves come to see ALL dogs as a threat.
  • Dogs are not necessary to hunt wolves – the 2012 hunting season actually closed early as quotas were met in all zones without the use of dogs during the hunt.
  • Unrestricted use of dogs in hunting wolves violates the letter and spirit of Wisconsin’s animal cruelty and animal fighting laws by guaranteeing bloody and violent encounters between wolves and dogs.
  • As wolves become acclimatized to being pursued by dogs they may begin to view all dogs as immediate threats. As such, wolves which had previously not posed a problem to bird dogs will now attack all dogs when encountered.



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