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Wolf Awareness Week…a Wolf's Point of View

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A wolf’s point of view

My ancestors used to roam these lands many years ago.  At least that’s what the elders of my pack always told  me.  They also said  we are some of the lucky ones that live in Yellowstone National Park.  Men with guns aren’t allowed.  What’s a gun?

I grew up on the northern range in Yellowstone and life is good.  I now have my own pack and I truly feel blessed.  Life is good here.

I hear that many of my brothers and sisters that live on the “outside” may not be so fortunate.  They never know if they are being hunted.  Being hunted…isn’t that what we are supposed to do.  I heard they call us Apex predators, but Apex is the top, so who is hunting us, and why?  We are only hunting to support our family..that is what we do.  Are we really doing something wrong?  I don’t understand.

I know not all men are bad.  I can see so many of them watching us day and night.  But that’s all they do.  We are just doing what we were taught as pups, and trying to survive the best way we know how.  It’s not always easy, but I hear it’s much more difficult on the outside.

Just where is the outside?  I hope my travels never take my pack there.  Maybe there’s a deep river, or a canyon, and we wouldn’t be able to cross.  Then my pack would be safe from those men with guns.  I like the ones in the Yellowstone ..whatever they are watching us with is ok, because they never hurt us.

Two in my pack tell me that they have seen  men up really close.   But they were good men, some of the “watchers”. The collars the two wear around their necks are from these men, but they don’t hurt.  We don’t know why they have them, but as long as they don’t hurt us I guess it is ok.  Sometimes when I am on the hunt I run right by these people, but they still never bother me, no mater how close I come.

I hope it is always this way.  I have children just like many of the people I see.  Maybe we are really not that different, but the ones with the guns I am not so sure.

I fear for my brothers and sisters on the outside.  I hope the people that are watching me and my pack here in Yellowstone are also watching them.  I hope that they protect them from those with the guns.  I pray for this.

If the people could only know that we mean them no harm, and only want to live our lives the best way we know how.  I sure hope there are those that will help us.  We love our families and want to see our young grow into strong wolves and someday lead their own packs.  How proud I would be.

If I could talk to the people I would ask them about the men with the guns.  I would ask them why they hate us so much.  Maybe the ones that watch us really will help us be safe from these men, and these guns.

I have food to hunt for my pack.  I have young ones that I need to feed.  They are a playful bunch, and I love snuggling with them at night.  I hope they never know about these guns.  That’s what a Mom fears the most.

Watch us run and play and hunt if that pleases you.  We know to keep our distance and mean you no harm.  I only hope that the stories I hear about our ancestors many years ago never happens again.  Maybe the ones that watch us will stop that from happening.

I hope so.   I hope so.

Lamar Canyon Pack

Dave  ( Wolfwatcher)

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