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“Wolf Paws” by Alyssa Grayson

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Junior Advocate Alyssa Grayson is sharing some really fascinating information about wolf paws.

There are a lot of interesting facts about wolves, but today I’m going to tell you about their beautiful paws.

  • Wolves are digitigrade. This means that they walk and run on their toes.
  • Wolves walk in each others footsteps in the snow because it’s less work for them.
  • Wolves have scent glands on their paws.
  • Wolves have webbed feet that act as snowshoes.
  • The front paws have five toes with claws.  The back has four toes with claws.
  • A wolf’s front paw is larger than their back paw.The front paw measures five inches by five inches, and the back paw is only three inches by three inches.
  • Wolves have developed a different way to circulate blood in their paws so that the pads don’t freeze. Before the blood reaches the outside of the pad the body cools the blood so there’s not that much of a difference of the temperature of the blood and of the snow. No other canine can do this. 

Now imagine reading an article about a wolf paw stuck in a trap with no way to get it off except for steel bolt cutters. Wolves are left to die when caught in a trap.  It’s sad and horrible and shouldn’t be allowed.

Alyssa Grayson               
Junior Adviser
National Wolfwatcher Coalition

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