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Wolf Spirit by Chloe Ponte

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Wolf Spirit

As my wet paws slide across the frozen tundra, I run from what seems to be a human holding a gun pointed directly at me. Nothing could stop my heart from beating so fast – not even itself.  A clear tear drop that blends into my pale white fur, rapidly runs down my thin whiskers. The man’s eyes are like a devil’s, flaming with hatred. I wanted to run, I wanted to bury myself in my mother’s arms and just stay there for the rest of my life. At the speed of light I open and close my eyes over and over again – wishing and hoping that this was all a dream.  He widened his deadly eyes which made me feel paralyzed. A trigger went off. The man’s weapon spit an angry metal object exactly at me.  What should have felt like two seconds felt like forever!  Then I felt it…the pain rushed through me like a river. All of a sudden,  my body dropped to the ground.  Blood gushed from my wound and it wouldn’t stop. Then I realized, this man now has my life to feed to his loved ones, or to hook on a wall. I no  longer will be a little wolf pup who loves to wrestle her brothers in the fluffy snow. I am now a spirit who will watch over her family and make sure, this will never happen to them…

Chloe Ponte











Chloe Ponte is a member of Wolfwatcher’s Junior Advisory.

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